Thursday, October 15, 2009

Byla - Viscera

Hellish, noisy black-metalish drone collaboration between ambient project Byla (Colin Marston from Krallice/Behold The Arctopus and Kevin Hufnagel) and Jarboe, former Swans vocalist and collaborator on the completely terrible Neurosis & Jarboe album. Pretty much hated this album the first time I heard it because it wasn't a carbon copy of Byla's ambient debut, but I have yet to find an album with walls of sound this terrifying and monstrous, yet be able to slowly evolve into something almost angelic. This album could undoubtedly have been made without Jarboe though, who kind of either just makes retarded orgasm noises that fade in the mix thankfully or does these okay bm vox. Oh yeah, and there's two kickass acoustic tracks on here that show off how fucking awesome Kevin Hufnagel is.


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