Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Red House Painters II (Bridge)

Perhaps even bleaker than Red House Painters I, II has slowly grown to become one of my favorite releases of Mark Kozelek's vast and growing catalog. To those familiar with its predecessor, take that album and push it to even more austere extremes and you'll have something like this. This album even sounds kind of Slint-ish at times. "Evil" is frankly one of the most aptly titled songs and "Blindfold" might just be the best song Kozelek did under the RHP moniker. I mean, he just straight up screams for the last two minutes of the song. User PMac551 of RYM put it best when he said "Blindfold is the pinnacle of feeling like absolute shit and it is everything all at once and I don't even know how to respond to that song." Also, this is the most panned RHP album on sputnikmusic's review site, so you know it's gotta rule.