Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rev. Utah Smith & Rev. Lonnie Farris - Slide Guitar Gospel

Holy guitar skills bestowed upon the reverends Utah Smith and Lonnie Farris by the Creator. This compilation makes you wonder if Robert Johnson's deal with Satan was a rip-off. Both reverends shred like mad, but Utah Smith's tracks will make you eat shit and burn in heaven. Dude has the rawest blues style I've ever heard and a crazy set of pipes to go along with it.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blood Axis & In Gowan Ring & Witch-Hunt - The Rites of Samhain

Blood Axis & In Gowan Ring performed together in 1999 under the name Witch-Hunt. The result is this badass live CD of the two performing experimental arrangements of traditional Celtic folk music with a few nice studio cuts from each separate act tacked on at the end. Seriously. It's two of the best neofolk musicians playing celtic folk, you know you're interested.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Scott Tuma - Peeper / Love Songs Loud & Lonely

Scott Tuma, former half of the Souled American duo, puts out some quality Americana-tinged folk dronish ambient stuff. In fact, I think this 2010 cassette might be the best thing he's ever created so far. The Peeper side of this is composed of 5 worn, lo-fi, nostalgic ambient pieces, which are all fantastic and noteworthy by themselves, but the real deal is the second side, one 26-minute monster Love Songs Loud & Lonely. It shifts between distinct movements, spanning from ethereal lo-fi folk to noisy dark ambient to ominous bell-heavy grooves and everything in between. The atmosphere almost always rests at the two extremes of "oh my god im gonna cry this is so pretty!" and "fucking horrifying." The last 4 minutes might be the single prettiest thing I 'er heared though for real.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

David Allan Coe - Longhaired Redneck

Looks like Merle Haggard and sounds a lot like David Allan Coe. If you don't like this album you like dudeass


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Men's Interest - More War

Shit's hard as boners. Sounds like a harder, rawer Ceremony OH YEAH IT'S TRUE


Kutmah - Warm Like The Sunshine

18 minutes of dark, haunting, psychedelic, dissonant instrumental hip-hop and electronica. Often hypnotic, often (somewhat) danceable. You should check this out solely for "The Crunch," one of the most massive beats I've heard in a while.