Saturday, May 29, 2010

Country Teasers - "Satan Is Real Again," or, "Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts"

To be honest I don't really know what to classify this as, but to me it sounds like post-punk at its core with copious amounts of noise and dissonance and a strangely unique country influence, all the while retaining a quirky catchyness about it. It also has a kind of Brainbombs-ish filth about it. Rules. Also there are awesome lyrics like:

"Women are the Germans of humor,
and I believe that it is also true,
that we are the Hitler of comedy,
and everybody else is a Jew

so good

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chappaquiddick Skyline - Chappaquiddick Skyline

Chillin' melancholic lush alt-countryish pop tunes from Joe Pernice of Scud Mountain Boys and Pernice Bros. fame. Fans of early American Music Club/Summerteeth-era Wilco need apply.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Jellyroll Rockheads - Wake Up, Music

Discography comp of this fun as hell Japanese hardcore band. Fast as shit punx with intense vox for fans of stuff like Scholastic Deth. Actually this shit might be better than Scholastic Deth.

no skate no thrash

Monday, May 17, 2010

Venice Is Sinking - Azar

So I've been going through this year's AthFest lineup (Athens, GA) to try to find some sort of reason why I should go other than to drink. I've found a few pretty decent bands that don't sound like they should be playing shit like this. Anyway, this band is more than just decent, they're incredible. Venice Is Sinking play indie that's kind of like a blend of Arcade Fire, Beirut, Red House Painters, and some other retarded namedrop I can add. I guess I'll throw in the term "slowcore" to entice you like it enticed me on their page, even though there's not a hint of slowcore anywhere in this album.

is cool


AsbestosDeath was composed of the future members of Sleep + Thomas Choi, who would go on to be a founding member of Noothgrush. This sounds far more like Grief than it does Sleep. This is their "discography:" four songs.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleep - Jerusalem

Dopesmoker - Now with 6x MORE SCROBBLES

Therefore, better than Dopesmoker.

Friday, May 14, 2010

5/5 To Every Composer Sporting A Powdered Wig

You guys probably already have all of this but I just made this post on a local board and I guess I'll just copy and paste it here


Absolutely monumental work. Each piece is sung in Polish from texts dealing with seperation, the most startling and heartbreaking of them being the second piece, which was found scribbled on the wall in a concentration camp by a Polish Jewish mother as a parting message to her son.



Everyone needs sum Philip Glass.


Say what you will about the movie, but the soundtrack is still the best stand-alone OST that I've ever heard. Ranges from brooding ambient, soaring post-rock, to minimalist Erik Satie/Philip Glass-ish piano pieces.


Perfect rainy day music.


Mindfuck of an album. Slowly transforming minimalist music. It relies on the same motif for its entire 58 minute duration, but it's way more accessible than that sounds. Manages to remain entertaining throughout and there are always new impressive melodies popping up. I wish I was technically savvy enough to be able to admire all the experimentation with "rhythmic patterns" and "tonal cycles" but frankly you don't need to know any of that shit to think this is awesome.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Xhol Caravan - Electrip

Yes, that album name is retarded. Yes, that album art is doubly retarded. Who cares? This shit rules. Jazz with strong psychedelic and krautrock influences. My binge continues.


Amon Düül II - Yeti

I can't stop listenin to this fuggin album. New favorite krautrock album. Progressive psychedelic rock and improvisation at its finest. Do you like guitars? this album is guitars

eye-shakin king

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Molehill was a sludge band in the early 00's here in our very own Birmingham, AL. Alas, I probably liked Nickleback and Linkin Park during those days. Anyway, this is basically just massive amounts of EHG worship, but is that ever a bad thing? Riffs galore. Dirty Southern sludge right here.

Comfort Measured In Razor Lines


Monday, May 10, 2010


One of my favorite bands ever. Formed in 1979 and still actively performing live and producing quality new material, NoMeansNo is quite simply one of the wittiest, funnest, most interesting and unique bands in punk. Over the 30 years of their existence, they have never once released the same album twice and they haven't released any duds either for that matter. Core members brothers Rob and John Wright are possibly the two best instrumentalists in the genre (bass and drums respectively), and their often humorous vocal tradeoffs are key to their ever evolving sound. Here's a few of my favorites.

Their most well-known and highly-regarded, and also my personal favorite. Wrong is probably NoMeansNo's most straightforward punk release, though it has several funk and jazz moments that allude to their later work. If you don't like "It's Catching Up," "The Tower," or "Rags 'n Bones," there is something wrong with you.

Be strong, be wrong.

0 + 2 = 1 was their next album after Wrong, but it's a huge departure from that sound. It's slowed down for the most part, and it's far weirder than Wrong. A lot more noise and funk is present here and there are even some things that would not sound out of place on an early Primus album, but it's all still catchy as fugg. And John Wright still rips it up.

If every third animal in the world is a beetle, then maybe every third person in the world is a

Sex Mad LP + the You Kill Me EP. Early NoMeansNo when Rob had some kind of weird throat problem and John took over most of the vocal duties. Probably the strangest album in their discography. About half of it is just drums and bass, but the Wright bros manage to keep it intresting with bizarre melodies and equally bizarre lyrics and vocals.

Dad, no!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Skywave were a fucking great noisy lo-fi shoegaze/dream pop band from the early 90's. RIYL: Alison's Halo, A Place To Bury Strangers (share members), Bee Thousand-era Guided By Voices.

Born Against - The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure

Classic hardcore material that everyone should have. Political, pissed off punx that were probably one of the most exciting bands in the early 90's hardcore scene with inventive guitarwork, often experimental song structures, and some of the siqqest vokills there are.

up tha

Rodan - Rusty

Failed highschool rap group forms into one of the first math-post-rock-screamo bands. Pretend you didn't see that math word there because the majority of stuff deemed "mathy" is dildos. Which this is not dildos. This here's the real dick.


Françoise Hardy - La question

If you don't like Françoise Hardy you ain't heared Françoise Hardy yet. Classic French pop/chanson/dumbfrenchterm.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nara Leão - Dez Anos Depois

One of my favorite bossa nova albums. 24 trax of pure chill with excellent production and arrangements by Tuca. Normally I don't really care for tunes that draw heavily on the singer's vocal prowess, but in this case Leão's godly voice is too remarkable to not enjoy it.