Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bobb Trimble - Iron Curtain Innocence

okay before I even say anything about this guy's music:

Aside from looking like the coolest Columbine shooter, Trimble creates really bizarre, dark synth-laden pyschedelic folk/pop. Shit'll sound like lo-fi Beatles on some tracks and then sound like R.E.M. via P.C.P. on others.

check out this motherfucker right here:


Friday, March 23, 2012

Syöpä - Beneath Lucifer's Eye

so here's abysmill's grand 2012 reopening!

Probably my favorite black metal find of the past year, Syöpä is raw black metal of the finest order. Reminds me a lot of good LLN bm, and by good LLN I mean "March to the Black Holocaust." This demo's rife with hate-filled riffs and nonstop blasting. I think on the 10-minute demo-best "Raise The Serpent Statue" there's like 2 minutes where the drummer isn't blasting and they're probably the worst 2 minutes on the song but hey try blasting for 10 straight minutes real talk