Monday, May 10, 2010


One of my favorite bands ever. Formed in 1979 and still actively performing live and producing quality new material, NoMeansNo is quite simply one of the wittiest, funnest, most interesting and unique bands in punk. Over the 30 years of their existence, they have never once released the same album twice and they haven't released any duds either for that matter. Core members brothers Rob and John Wright are possibly the two best instrumentalists in the genre (bass and drums respectively), and their often humorous vocal tradeoffs are key to their ever evolving sound. Here's a few of my favorites.

Their most well-known and highly-regarded, and also my personal favorite. Wrong is probably NoMeansNo's most straightforward punk release, though it has several funk and jazz moments that allude to their later work. If you don't like "It's Catching Up," "The Tower," or "Rags 'n Bones," there is something wrong with you.

Be strong, be wrong.

0 + 2 = 1 was their next album after Wrong, but it's a huge departure from that sound. It's slowed down for the most part, and it's far weirder than Wrong. A lot more noise and funk is present here and there are even some things that would not sound out of place on an early Primus album, but it's all still catchy as fugg. And John Wright still rips it up.

If every third animal in the world is a beetle, then maybe every third person in the world is a

Sex Mad LP + the You Kill Me EP. Early NoMeansNo when Rob had some kind of weird throat problem and John took over most of the vocal duties. Probably the strangest album in their discography. About half of it is just drums and bass, but the Wright bros manage to keep it intresting with bizarre melodies and equally bizarre lyrics and vocals.

Dad, no!

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  1. i luv this band and i've only heard sex mad/you kill me, wrong and small parts.