Monday, July 5, 2010

Jackson C. Frank

yeah so dick drake was a whiny faggot and killed himself because he wasn't famous and then got played in car commercials, yet this boss was fucking blasted by a furnace explosion that killed most of his friends and gave him severe burns and permanent mental scarring, only produced this one bare-bones album that's more bummin than anything you ever heared, slept on sidewalks for most of his life, got checked into countless institutes, was mistreated for schizophrenia when he really had chronic depression, was shot in the left eye when at rock bottom by kids firing a pellet gun completely at random, and fukin tuffed it out until he was 56 and died from pneumonia in a senior center living on state aid with nothin but a $10 guitar and a suitcase to his name and STILL didn't become famous yeah dick drake u cover this guy's shit but yr still a whiny faggot i'm just kiddin i fuckin love nick drake even though he is in hell

but seriously, dude has the most miserable, unlucky story I've ever heard. Oh yeah and this album rules hard.


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