Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hog Mountin / Möse Split

Hog Mountin is a heavy as balls sludge metal band from our very own rural Cullman, Alabama, and their music reflects their origins. A friend of mine showed em to me the other day and said he heard them called "backwoods, inbred redneck sludge." Yep. It's filthy as fuck. Natty-drenched vokills and grushin riffs. This shit is ridikolus. Seriously recommended for fans of Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Grief, etc.

Oh yeah and there's some Möse tracks on here too whodathunkit. They're pretty solid Belgian sludge featuring members of Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat, Neuthrone, and Thee Plague of Gentlemen. Not that I've ever heard any of them. But yeah.


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