Monday, September 26, 2011

Scott Tuma - Peeper / Love Songs Loud & Lonely

Scott Tuma, former half of the Souled American duo, puts out some quality Americana-tinged folk dronish ambient stuff. In fact, I think this 2010 cassette might be the best thing he's ever created so far. The Peeper side of this is composed of 5 worn, lo-fi, nostalgic ambient pieces, which are all fantastic and noteworthy by themselves, but the real deal is the second side, one 26-minute monster Love Songs Loud & Lonely. It shifts between distinct movements, spanning from ethereal lo-fi folk to noisy dark ambient to ominous bell-heavy grooves and everything in between. The atmosphere almost always rests at the two extremes of "oh my god im gonna cry this is so pretty!" and "fucking horrifying." The last 4 minutes might be the single prettiest thing I 'er heared though for real.


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