Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tomahawk - Anonymous

Anonymous flew relatively under the radar when it came out back in '07 and it's not really hard to see why. It does appear to be just another release from just another Mike Patton project, and a Mike Patton project that has already put out two pretty fucking terrible albums at that. But really this sounds nothing like those albums in both literal sound and quality. They ditch the lame alt. rock sound (+Patton vox to try to make it interesting) for a more, shall we say, Mike Patton sound. And it's the best thing they could've done. This album sounds more akin to say California-era Bungle than anything Patton's done since, except scratch the beach-y themes and replace them with Native American folk foundations. Catchy, evil, diverse, everything you'd expect from a Patton project (as cliche as that sounds). Some songs have kind of an industrial tinge, some have a Beach Boys-ish sound. Hell, "Red Fox" sounds like Massive Attack at their darkest wearing headdresses and dancing around a totem.


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