Saturday, April 3, 2010


The official local bands post for our good ol' hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Not exactly a city that comes to mind when you think "awesome music scenes" to your average Amerikaner, but the homegrown scene that we have absolutely kills and we take great pride in it. Here's a few bands that have come out of here. Some dead, some still around. I'll prolly update it periodically with other bands but this'll do fer now. Help these guys out if you dig it and buy merch or an album or go see them if they come your way.


Noisy, angry hardcore punk. I didn't have the opportunity to see them earlier and I'm not sure if they even play many shows these days, but this full length is pretty siqq.

Buy it
DL it

The Broken Letters

Fantastic autumnal indie folk. RIYL: Will Oldham, Neil Young, perhaps American Football. All of their releases can be downloaded for free at Donations are taken too so yeah.

Black Hole Kids

Relatively new psychedelic screamo(ish) stuff. Got to see them for the first time playing at a Magrudergrind show a few weeks ago and they ruled. RIYL: Gospel, Cease Upon The Capitol, other bands I can pointlessly namedrop to get you to dl this rad demo even though they probably don't really sound the same.


Wildcat Revival

Wildcat Revival is ridiculously good post-hardcore for fans of stuff like Frodus, Fugazi, etc. etc.
An old EP right hur: Music's Greatest Hits Of All Time Ever. They have a few more tunes you can check out on their page.

Also, hit up their myspace to barter cash for media.

The Recluse

Unfortunately now defunct, probably my favorite of the numerous straightforward hardcore punk bands to come out of the area. I think? some of the members are still active or soon to be active in new bands/projects so that's awesome. Great dudes.

Sumr Showrs EP. And I don't know if they still have any vinyls/CDs still in print but it couldn't hurt to ask! Myspace


Ya'll know em, ya'll love em. Birmingham's premier heavy as hell sludgy/powerviolencey hardcore band Leegeyun. Recently discovered that they're actually pretty well-known outside of Birmingham which makes me pretty happy. For those of you who haven't heard em yet, here's a lil sampler. They have a split 7" with Mammoth Grinder out now that you can get here. $5? Pick that shit up son. The most stompin track of all timez is on that split. Also, if they're playing somewhere near you, you best see em. As many times as I've seen them, they still slay every single time.

Kriegis PhilBM

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