Monday, April 26, 2010

Richard Skelton - Landings

I originally gave each track on Landings a one-minute listen, decided Skelton was another one of those folk drone "artists" that loop recordings of running water and random guitar noodling/scraping, and deleted it. For some reason or another, I decided to give it another try. These are simply some of the most depressing, beautiful, and ultimately well-crafted drones I've ever heard. A lot of this was recorded in Anglezarke in the West Pennine Moors in England, where he would apparently wake up at 5 in the morning to go out and play his various instruments to gain the feel from his environment rather than going the cheap way out and simply making some uber lo-fi field recordings. This approach works according to the music found in this album. The landscape shows through Skelton's music. In a genre that's being exploited by several due to its relative ease in creation and composition, this is a true standout. Dissonant and mournful, yet refined and beautiful.

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